Cowlitz River Fishing

Cowlitz River Fishing

The Cowlitz River is a good bet, with an awesome winter steelhead, and the best summer steelhead run in the entire state. Cowlitz River Fishing Guides fish the Cowlitz river December through March for Cowlitz River Fishingwinter steelhead and June through Mid August for summer steelhead. Having the Cowlitz River as the best summer run steelhead fishing river in the state guarantees you a memorable fishing trip.

Cowlitz River Spring Chinook Salmon


Cowlitz River Spring Chinook Salmon begin entering the Cowlitz from the Columbia River in Mid-March. Spring Chinook Salmon are the best tasting salmon anywhere and the Cowlitz river fishing always falls in the top 5 in Washington State. Early in the season, K15 Kwikfish, Herring and Prawns are the go to baits in the lower river. As the fish make their way into the river, fresh gobs of eggs and sand shrimp are top picks.

Cowlitz River Summer Steelhead


The Cowlitz River summer steelhead run is one of the largest summer steelhead runs in Washington State and always tops the list. Cowlitz river fishing for hard-fighting summer steelhead is #1. Summer steelhead start entering the Cowiltz river in June and towards the middle of June everyone is limiting up and down the river! Free-drifting small egg baits and Back-trolling “coon-striped” shrimp are the top 2 choices for Cowlitz river fishing.

Cowlitz River Fall Salmon


The Fall Salmon run on the Cowlitz River is one of the best fall salmon fishing runs in Washington State. Starting in September with the return of the fall chinook, Cowlitz river fishing is widespread with limits up and down the river. Following closely behind the Fall Chinook are the Coho, or Silver Salmon, which begin entering the river the first week of October and run through November. Cowlitz River Coho are best fished from blue creek to Barrier dam and are great fighters on light tackle, making catching them pretty darn fun.

Cowlitz River Winter Steelhead


Cowlitz River winter steelhead begin entering the river just before Thanksgiving, with the peak of the run in the river by December. Cowlitz River winter steelhead are larger than summer fish and fight exceptionally well on light tackle. Free-drifting still remains the top producer of large steelhead through mid-March, with small offerings of roe, corkies and yarn producing excellent results.